Tableau Against AWS – Redshift Spectrum

Tableau Integration with AWS – Redshift Spectrum

One of our valued client was looking for a solution to blend data from files uploaded by users with data from ERP Sources in the cloud environment with their existing landscape in AWS. With Tableau extended support to connect to AWS – Redshift Spectrum allows users to analyze the entire set of data that is stored in the S3 data lakes with Redshift.

We will explore this new feature and build a Tableau dashboard having Redshift Spectrum as a data source.

Below is the dashboard to analyze sales performance based on the metrics used by the various events and categories. This helps board members to analyze and plan strategies for increasing sales and revenue.


There are more personalized and deeper insights on integration with AWS Redshift/Spectrum as a data source

Data Blending:
In this scenario, we use two data sources – redshift and spectrum. The dashboard is built by having a join condition based on the commonly used fields between those two data sources as per the requirement
Sample Report

Data Blending Dashboard

Data Connectivity and Preparation:

  • Using AWS Redshift/Spectrum as a data source we can use both live and extract connections.
  • The performance of the dashboard will depend on the number of records in the schema.

Using custom SQL to retrieve data for a specific query will have better performance than querying the entire data source and filtering based on the required conditions.

For Example:

B3 B2

Data Modeling and Security:

  • Multiple fact tables with many to many relationships is possible. We can create a join between multiple data sources using blending.
  • The tableau workbook connects to AWS redshift or spectrum data source and the Dimensions/ Measures fields can be dragged and dropped to build the dashboard.
  • Tableau bridge is not required after publishing the data source to tableau online.
  • Row Level Security in tableau is used to restrict the record based on the user groups


Tableau integration with AWS redshift and spectrum will provide a better user experience to perform analysis and decision making with more accuracy

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