Data Governance and Catalog

Why Data Governance?

The implementation of data governance is crucial for various reasons within an organizational framework. Firstly, it ensures the integrity of data, establishing and maintaining standards that uphold accuracy, consistency, and reliability across the enterprise. This commitment serves as a foundation for informed decision-making and reliable analytical insights. Additionally, data governance addresses the imperative of compliance and adherence to regulations. Negotiating the complex landscape of industry and legal standards necessitates a robust data governance framework, acting as a safeguard and mitigating risks associated with data handling while ensuring compliance with established regulations.

Centralized control is a key facet of data governance, providing a structured and authoritative approach to managing data assets. This centralization enables organizations to effectively protect and manage their information, mitigating risks related to unauthorized access and misuse. Standardized rules for changing processes further enhance the effectiveness of data governance by providing a systematic framework for modifications. This approach ensures that changes align with established protocols, maintaining data consistency and integrity throughout the organization.

The uniformity of data, a product of effective data governance, offers a comprehensive enterprise-wide view. This standardized format facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across diverse departments, fostering a cohesive understanding of organizational data. Ultimately, data governance contributes significantly to enhancing the overall value of data to the enterprise. By establishing and maintaining high standards for data management, organizations can leverage their data as a strategic asset, driving innovation and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Cittabase as a partner with Informatica®, works closely with organizations on implementing Informatica® IDMC Cloud Data Governance products. Informatica® Cloud Data Governance & Data Catalog helps discover, understand, trust and access your data to improve decision-making and govern analytics.

Our Approach

  • Business Definition & roles and responsibilities
  • Discovery of Data with data lineage – Data Certification and Data classification
  • Monitor the quality of data
  • Protecting data Privacy
  • Identifying data owners
  • Building a data catalog
  • Creating a reference data and master data
  • Enforcing and monitoring data policies
  • Provisioning and delivering data

How we can help

  • Enabling business and IT leaders to effectively collaborate
  • Discover Data
  • Monitor the quality of data
  • Comply with Data Centric Regulation like GDPR, BCPS 239, HIPAA
  • Standardized Rules for changing processes
  • Uniform data that provide enterprise view
  • Increase the value of data to the enterprise


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  • Data Governance and Catalog