Cittabase Lifeline Analytics

Why Analytics for Healthcare?

Analytics in healthcare is indispensable due to the industry’s complex needs and the diversity of data sources it encompasses. The multifaceted nature of healthcare data, stemming from operations, clinical research, and diverse external reporting requirements, necessitates advanced analytics solutions. Regulatory and statutory requirements further underscore the importance of analytics in ensuring compliance and adherence to industry standards. Beyond compliance, analytics in healthcare enables proactive management of operations, offering insights for strategic decision-making. Moreover, in the realm of medical and clinical research, analytics proves instrumental in extracting valuable patterns and trends from vast datasets. Ultimately, in an environment marked by constant change, analytics emerges as a cornerstone for fostering a proactive and adaptive business landscape in healthcare.


Cittabase Lifeline Analytics enables

  • Improved quality of Care
  • Improved operational Efficiency
  • Optimal Utilization of Resources
  • Reduced Care Cost
  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Cleaned and consolidated ‘Single-version-of-truth’ of data
  • Access to KPIs for different stakeholders – Service Providers, Clinicians, Admin Office and Finance

Cittabase Oncolytics:

Cittabase Oncolytics is an analytics solution that is built on the Cittabase Lifeline Analytics Platform catering the operational and analytical reporting needs of a Cancer Specialty Centre. The solution has proprietary technology with rich visualization.