Data Quality

Informed decision-making within organizations relies on ensuring accuracy, completeness, and reliability. As organizations accelerate their adoption of cloud technologies and opt for top-notch SaaS applications, the need for high-quality, trusted data becomes even more imperative. To make intelligent decisions, cut costs, drive growth, and foster innovation, organizations require relevant, timely, and trustworthy data.

As a partner collaborating with Informatica, Cittabase works closely with organizations to implement Informatica Cloud Data Quality products, enhancing the assurance of data accuracy and reliability.

Informatica® Cloud Data Quality empowers your company to take a holistic approach to managing data quality to quickly identify, fix, and monitor data quality problems in your business applications. The solution transforms your data quality processes to be a collaborative effort between business users and IT. This creates a true data-driven environment that accelerates cloud benefits through faster migrations and gains more trusted insights from cloud data warehouses, data lakes, and SaaS applications.

Key Features of Informatica Cloud Data Quality

  • Self-Service Data Quality for Business Users
  • Manage the Data Quality Process
  • Rich Set of Data Quality Transformations and Universal Connectivity

Key Benefits

  • Simplified Administration and Lower Overhead
  • Faster Deployments With Powerful User Interactions
  • Power Your Customer Experience Initiative With High-Quality Data
  • Trust the Results of Your Cloud Data Warehouse and Analytics