Redefine Data Analytics and Accelerate Business Intelligence with Incorta®

Incorta Partners Cittabase

Our collaboration with incorta®, a leading open data delivery platform that facilitates the acquisition, processing, analysis, and presentation of decision-ready data, seamlessly combines incorta®’s state-of-the-art technology with Cittabase’s expertise. This assures a dynamic range of services crafted to provide organizations with real-time insights, advanced business intelligence, and tailor-made data solutions, ultimately propelling their data-driven success.

Our Key Services include:

Unified Analytics Platform:

The partnership delivers a unified analytics platform, seamlessly integrating incorta®’s cutting-edge technology with Cittabase’s expertise to provide a comprehensive solution for data analytics. Our team of experts help with swift platform setup and optimal configuration within weeks, leveraging expertise in Oracle EBS, as well as other HCM and CRM tools.

Real-Time Data Insights:

Clients benefit from real-time data insights, as the collaboration focuses on harnessing incorta®’s capabilities to deliver timely and actionable information for informed decision-making.

Advanced Business Intelligence:

Our services extend to advanced business intelligence solutions, leveraging incorta®’s innovative approach to transform raw data into meaningful insights that drive business performance.

Specialized Analytics for EBS and ERP Cloud:

The partnership offers specialized analytics solutions tailored for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and ERP Cloud, leveraging incorta® ‘s capabilities and Cittabase’s expertise to provide in-depth insights and analytics tailored to the unique needs of EBS and ERP Cloud users. We specialize in data integration and migration services, ensuring a smooth transition for organizations looking to optimize their data infrastructure with incorta®’s state-of-the-art solutions.

Customized Data Solutions:

Cittabase and incorta® collaborate to offer tailored data solutions, addressing specific business needs and challenges, and maximizing the value derived from analytics initiatives. Additionally, our team excels in guiding organizations through the seamless migration of reporting systems from legacy platforms to incorta®.


cittabase with incorta


Medical and HealthCare

We have solutions for Payers, Caregivers, Government and Research Professionals.  

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Real Estate Organizations use Big data widely to run business more effectively with increase in revenue, Improved customer service and make better decisions

Oil, Gas & Energy

Energy and commodity Trading Industry has rapid changing and complex data integration requirements. Trading Groups need risk transparency and visibility of positions across ETRM Systems.

Shipping Industries

Cittabase has been working with world’s leading maritime group to implement and maintain their Budgeting and Forecasting System

Banking And Securities

Empower institutions to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences through sophisticated insights derived from comprehensive financial data analysis

Media and Entertainment

Revolutionize content creation, distribution, and audience engagement by harnessing actionable insights from vast datasets, driving innovation and personalized experiences

Applications of Cittabase Analytics

Financial Analytics

Organizations looking for GL insights to identify drivers of profitability, optimize cash flow and working capital and analyze sub ledger details – should look into Financial Analytics

HCM Analytics

With HCM Analytics organizations can look for ready-to-use workforce insights to improve informed decisions on attrition and retention, talent acquisition and management etc

Supply Chain Analytics

With Supply Chain Analytics organizations uncover underlying insights to improve efficiency, reduce costs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Fusion Analytics is a family of prebuilt, cloud native analytics applications for Oracle Cloud Applications that provides line-of-business users with ready-to-use insights to improve decision-making.