Pull Down Page Refresh in APEX

In Oracle APEX, a page can be refreshed by using F5 or any other browser control. But what if you want to refresh a page in an APEX mobile app. We need an exclusive refresh button in all pages to do a refresh. But instead, we can implement a “Pull Down Page  Refresh”, which is more user friendly for the app users.

A sample of what we are going to build,


This pull-down page refresh can be achieved in different methods of Javascript or jQuery. In this example, I will be using a custom JS library – pulltorefresh.js

First, we need to add the custom library to our application. Add the below URL under Javascript File URLs Section of the Page.


Next, add the below code to Execute when Page Load section of the Page


  mainElement: ‘#main’, //Your Region ID

  onRefresh: function (done) {

    setTimeout(function () {


    }, 1500);

  } });


In the above code, value for mainElement would be your page element. You can either specify a Region ID or page ID , whichever you want to refresh. In my case , I have created an Interactive Report with an ID – “main” and I have provided the same in the code.

Save and Run the page.

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