Deprecated and removed features from Sharepoint server 2019 public preview

Microsoft has released the public preview of Sharepoint server 2019,which carries a plethora of changes from the 2016 type.Although many features have been introduced, as well as, tweaked, Most of the existing features have been deprecated and removed from the 2019 version.This blog will provide some insight on which features Microsoft have decided to shed in the new Sharepoint class.Sharepoint server 2019 is expected to be released in the coming months.

Deprecated features:Features which will be discontinued from 2019 and onward versions, but with support provided for the remainder of client support life cycle.

  • Access services (2010 and 2013): Access services for Sharepoint is a platform for developing Sharepoint applications using Microsoft Access database system.This feature will be removed from the 2019 version, although the application support for this feature will be provided.Microsoft recommends User to dive into Power apps and Flow services as an alternative for the above shedded feature.
  • Aggregated Newsfeed: Although support will be provided to this feature,Microsoft has decided to sunset this feature from 2019 and onward version.This feature will be Read-only,and option to implement newsfeed capabilities will be removed.Microsoft recommends users, using newsfeed, to explore Communication sites, team news,Yammer etc., as an alternative option.
  • Custom help: The feature that site users relied on for site related issues.The custom on-premises sharepoint help engine will be removed from 2019 and onward versions, with support provided. However, in the new edition,Microsoft legacy on-premises Sharepoint help engine, based on the help collections being installed in the on-prem farm, will be updated and will be on sync with office 365.
  • Infopath services: This features enables users to store and manage form and form templates in a centralized point/location.Again,support is provided for this feature.List Forms (FoSL Forms on SharePoint Lists) is being talked about as the potential alternative for the above sunsetted feature.Microsoft has stated that there won’t be any new infoPath client with this 2019 release.
  • Sharepoint designer:A web and application design program that aid in building and customising sharepoint application and sites.Microsoft have stated that although the above feature will be removed, sharepoint designer 2013 will still work with sharepoint server 2019 public preview for the remainder of client support life cycle, till 2026, after which the support for the feature will completely cease.

Removed features:Features that will completely cease to exist from 2019 and onward versions, with NO support provided.

  • Code based sandbox solution: Packages that is used to establish customization to  Sharepoint, at site collection level.From 2019 and onward versions this feature will completely cease to exist as well as the support, which won’t be carried on from this version.Microsoft suggests user to look into Sharepoint add-ins as an alternative for the above removed feature.
  • Digest Authentication: Digest authentication is a method which is an enhanced version of Single factor Authentication.The support will be removed in 2019 public preview and onward versions.Microsoft recommends users still using Digest authentication to move into alternatives such as Kerberos, NTML, SAML etc.
  • Multi-tenancy: Multi-tenancy capabilities has thrived so much that, the dependencies of cloud technology cannot be replicated in On-premises environment, The cost and the complexity involved, for an on-premises alternative, is vast that Microsoft has decided to shed this feature as well as its support once and for all from the 2019 public preview.
  • Visio services-Silverlight based rendering: There are two options for Visio services for furnishing Visio diagrams one is Microsoft silverlight based, and the other is the PNG based rendering. As Microsoft has already stated that the Microsoft Siverlight will no longer be supported after 2021,Microsoft have decided to shed out the support for Silverlight from 2019 server public preview.Hence from now on, Only PNG based rendering will be available.

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